Weekend adventures #outandabout

With winter stubbornly holding on with no sign of easing up! Wind, rain or shine! Whatever the weather it’s good to get out and about and enjoy life all the same right? Last weekend with a trusted friend we embraced the elements and went on a lovely, long walk. True the elements were not on … Continue reading Weekend adventures #outandabout


Comedonal Acne? My K-Beauty (mainly) skincare routine to prevent breakouts

Acne, so many types with so many names! From hormonal acne that creeps up around the chin or jaw line area every now and then? The massive invaders that rise from under the skins surface, settling in awkward places! Then the full on fungal (a minefield to treat) Or, the under the skin Comedonal type … Continue reading Comedonal Acne? My K-Beauty (mainly) skincare routine to prevent breakouts


I confess! There’s something a little indulgent about receiving a beautifully packaged box each month filled with unknown skincare/cosmetic treats inside! From dabbling with the Look Fantastic box last year, I decided to suck it up and renew the subscription! Why? Because I really liked the mix, from really well-known names to the smaller & … Continue reading UNBOXING THE #LOOKFANTASTIC JANUARY (NEW LOOK) #SUBSCRIPTION BOX!

Collaboration Time #2 Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s Collaboration time once more! Working full time? Determined to look after the skin from the inside out! Often travelling, socialising and maintaining hobbies! No joke! It can be tough maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance! Even though, work-outs more & more are appearing shorter & more intense. Still, it’s about getting your mind in to gear too right? … Continue reading Collaboration Time #2 Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle