Favourite Foundation?


Let’s talk foundation, what properties do you look for when choosing the perfect foundation? Is it a natural effect? Stronger coverage? Or simply just something that will enhance your god given natural beauty 🙂

There is no one fits all here a considering we all have different skin types/tones, concerns and requirements. What works for some,  may simply not work for others at all! It’s a bit of a trial and error here!

My top pick: Would have to be MAC Pro-Long-wear foundation; really? I can hear you say and for me yes here’s why.

Let’s start with the product claims: So this foundation promises to provide a medium, natural matt coverage that can lat up to 15 hours of use, regardless of environment whilst providing a comfortable wear.

So how does this fare in reality? My skin being combination, oily T-Zone (nose, forehead and chin). I just can’t bear it when that shine starts to creep up during the day (especially in the summer). Which is why i’m particularly drawn to this range by MAC.  This is one of the only foundations (for me) that actually does stay on all day! My shine is tamed, with a little help of a finishing powder on the T-Zone and without making my face feel sticky or making my pores feel overly clogged – Yay!

Final Say? This Long-Wear addition offers ‘specially treated micronized pigments’ that provides a pretty  smooth and flawless finish (that really matches my skin tone). I find this product superior to some of Mac’s other ranges and I love how less can be more, a little can spread far . I do lean towards a more natural look and apply mainly on my troubled areas opposed to the whole face. Yet I do require a certain level of coverage that this foundation provided. For those who prefer heavier coverage you may choose to layer up which for me is the beauty of this product.


MAC Pro Long-wear Foundation


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