Have you heard about K-beauty? Does the thought of a Ten Step routine feel slightly intimidating? Perhaps you’ve heard South Korean products are ten years ahead than the West? One way or another it caught my attention.

What is the Korean 10 step ritual all about?

Let me break it down for you; A Series of steps that fully cleanses, targets specific skin concerns, then fully hydrates the skin. Korean products are known for their innovative methods, potent ingredients that are rapidly evolving due to high demand in the consumer market to deliver high quality products, at a reasonable cost.

The below is an example routine that I created for myself based on the 10-Step principle. My concerns were acne, oily skin and enlarged pores. I’ve been mixing up the products since this yet am still following the steps religiously due to the amazing effects! 


Whats so special about these products?

Aside from the quirky packaging 🙂 The products carry power from within combining all kinds of ingredients from a multitude of antioxidants, to newer additions Birch Wood, the unusual Snail Enzyme, Bee Venom, Hydraulic Acid to Green Tea! – This list could go on and on! There are so many innovative combinations offered at a very reasonable price!

The key focus is on deep cleansing, rejuvenating, hydrating & protecting your skin on a daily basis AM/PM. Using gentle massaging techniques and always avoiding the wrong type of chemicals! It really surprises me how many of our UK usual suspect store bought toners and products contain alcohol! This is so bad let alone majorly drying! I don’t think you would ever find a toner in South Korea that contains alcohol? 

Each step literally paves the way for the next by complimenting each other so well, I strongly believe this is how the skin heals itself in a pretty short amount of time! Remember that not all steps listed are applied every day, In fact the deeper treatments such as exfoliating, sheet or sleep masks would only be applied twice per week and my AM routine takes about 10 mins which I feel is okay right?

Since following this system I can see my acne flare ups have significantly reduced! Pores much less visible my skin looks so much smoother overall! I thank you Seoul for sharing some pretty awesome products, in characteristically quirky packaging with the rest of the world! ♥♥♥


K-Beauty Check it Out


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