Do you use a towel after cleansing? Could this be preventing us from reaching full skin freshness!?


I was reading an article on my all-time favourite skincare subject! Korean Beauty (Aka K-Beauty) And was surprised to learn that Korean women generally don’t towel dry after cleansing?

For me it’s a truth; as every Korean lady I have ever seen does seem to have awesome looking, smooth and pretty-perfect skin! Perhaps I’ve been missing a vital step and almost since forever!

The more I think on it seems to make good reason, why would we want to use a towel?

If you think about that towel sitting in our bathroom, or wherever we chose to leave them. Acquiring dust, dirt and potential bacteria! These factors could trigger our skin to react and at worst, possibly even break out! The skin on our face is so sensitive and personally speaking I can sometimes feel dryness in-between the washing and toning stages? Making sense to think about ditching that towel for good yet?

The 3-Second Rule?  What’s the 3-Second rule? It is said (Not only in K-Beauty, I’ve heard it from skin-care professionals too). Skin is known to absorb better when damp: The 3 seconds between cleansing and into your skincare regime are very important. By not using a towel at all, is the key to allowing full hydration benefits to work.

So, by not using a towel to dry our faces we allow moisture from the water, to stay on our skin allowing a stronger/deeper absorption from the next set of skincare products that we apply.

This is what I love so much about K-Beauty! It’s not just about the products (innovative as they are). There’s a whole skin philosophy and habits Korean ladies, even guys apply to their lifestyles. There’s a strong focus on looking after your skin from the inside out.

Will you be ditching that towel from today? I know I will be 🙂 


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