A French brand I’ve just recently discovered & have been hooked on since, due to the use of natural, gentle & powerful ingredients packed inside each product.

I’d been looking for a mist type spray to use after toning for an extra seal of moisture. My skin was looking quite dull and in need of a deeper quenching!

What are the claims?  “Extracted from grapes during the harvest, grape water is a unique plant water with moisturising and soothing powers’’ This plant mist claims to soothe, refresh & moisturise the skin. Being suitable for sensitive types & free from preservatives or fragrances.  

All Caudalie products are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic artificial colouring’s. Instead there is a focus on organic grape water such as this spray with moisturising and active ingredients.

How does it fare?  Very well thankfully & everything I was hoping it would be. I love how soothing this spray really does feel on the skin and how it gently hydrates every part of my face! The claims meet with my experience of this product and I’m happy for discovering the brand.

For me this noticeably locks in moisture and helps enhance my next products sealing ability, leaving my skin looking / feeling nicely hydrated all day long. This product would also be great to take on holiday or even for freshening up make up mid-day should skin start to feel a bit dry or flat looking.

I’m always with one eye open for new products that contain key natural ingredients or powerful antioxidants. My view is that if something can have amazing health benefits for your body internally, then finding products that utilise these properties and power for topical use is certainly worth experimenting with.




Caudalie Grape Water Spray

Ingredients: 100% Organic Grape Water



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