• Derma-Roller Yay or Nay? Have you seen this Medieval, almost torture like looking tool trending all over the place from social media, to well placed ad’s cropping up slowly but surely everywhere?

    Derma-Roller Yay or Nay? Have you seen this Medieval, almost torture like looking tool trending all over the place from social media, to well placed ad’s cropping up slowly but surely everywhere?

     I had and if honest at first glace this was not appealing! Yet from inescapable adverts the idea considerably grew on me! I found one for as little as a few pounds on Amazon, like most of my skincare trials I figured why not!

    What exactly is a Derma Roller? 

    A handheld roller device, its head comprised on many small needles varying in lengths from around .25-1.5 mm – Ouch! I can hear you say and quite right too – this tool can be effective, but should always be used with caution and definitely in moderation. 

    How would I use this and what are the claims? 

    There are many claims behind behind this product, to name a few reduction in acne scars, fine lines / wrinkles, skin cell regeneration & new collagen stimulation. I formed my ‘how to use’ research before unleashing this on my own skin, from you tube tutorials and online reviews. It works by damaging the skins surface literally poking tiny little holes all over the skin as you roll – This in turn sends the skin into repair mode by stimulating new cells and collagen to rise up and boost the skins repair. It takes around six weeks to fully heal and is why you should not get roller happy by using every day and always wear a decent sun block in the days after using (or as a habit every day). Using too often could be quite damaging and counter effective.

    You start on a clean canvas and literally start rolling on the face, do use gently. To change direction always physically lift the roller and NEVER slide, this could cause tearing and scarring! We don’t want that! I use 0 .5 mm and for me this is enough. I start rolling in one direction and then once i have covered the whole face (lips included) I repeat the process, yet moving in the opposite direction. Everyone has a different threshold – typically I would do this circuit say three times and then finish.

    Let the skin calm down as it can go quite red, don’t worry this is normal but if you feel it’s too much at any point stop just in case and build up slowly over a few weeks. I follow with a Vitamin C serum and good moisturiser. They say the skin is really susceptible after this process so whatever you use will literally get absorbed straight into the skin. My advise is to make the after care a powerful one. 

    Would I recommend?

    I purchased my roller via amazon to get started and after reading mixed reviews I personally conclude that a micro needle is a micro needle! What’s key is keeping them clean. I don’t see any difference between one that costs £80 to one that is around £5 – however if this method is a bit out there and going for a fully certified option would give you peace of mind, then who am I to say my way is the only way. In terms of effectiveness it has only been two and a half months and I have used twice in total. I  honestly can see a reduction in my acne scars almost instantly. This is quite a harsh and unusual method, perhaps if my skin was really sensitive I would find it too much, yet if used in moderation (and you should) Always clean carefully and use a decent after product. I must say I am a little hooked on this strange new device! What do you think? Scary or something worth considering? I would love to know.


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    1. 09/01/2018 / 3:45 PM

      Okay so fast forward a couple of years and actually I believe that you SHOULD NOT Use Vitamin C after Dermarolling! I was wrong! I mean I’m not 100% that i am right now but, i believe Vit c is too much, potentially irritating for the skins sensitive state after use. Things like Hyaluronic acid or Niacinamide would be better, then when the skin settles after a day or two, we can return to the exfoliators and Vitamin C etc. 🙂

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