Product of the Week > Tony Moly Panda Dream Hand Cream!

Happy Saturday Folks 🙂 Thankfully the weekend, hoorah! You may recall my post about the Korean 10-Step skincare routine a little while back? It is no secret, I’m a believer in Korean skin care principles! Some make up brands too. Yet we always talk about the face & body, hands can get a bit neglected so today it’s all about that hand cream!

What do you think, do you tend to notice someone’s hands upon first impression? I remember always hearing the importance of looking after them, yet have not been particularly blessed in this department! Very dry often hard feeling! It can be quite the task finding a cream that actually absorbs fully without being overly greasy and generally non absorbent! I tend to find the usual suspects offer no long term or even daily lasting solutions for my needs!

When I first saw the packaging of this Tony Moly Panda Dream Hand cream I absolutely loved it! it’s so quirky and would look great on my table! However it doesn’t just look good. Claims; ‘Infused with a hydrating blend of Manuka Honey and Bamboo Sprout Extract, instantly illuminates and moisturises dull, dry hands.” The cute, quirky packaging is characteristic of the South Korean brand. 

I Love this cream from Tony Moly Another product that actually delivers on it’s claims, the moment you use this your hands no matter how dry (mine get seriously dry!). They instantly feel and appear visibly smoother for a decent length of time, smells really good too. Perhaps not the best shaped product to carry around if you have a small bag, perhaps no male would ever consider purchasing a panda looking hand cream! Yet this an excellent product which also neatly stores my hair grips inside when done 😉



Here in the UK we don’t have that many retailers for K-Beauty brands, we can find them but I generally use the below as my source and it’s direct from South Korea and takes about two weeks to arrive:

Tony Moly Hand Cream

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6 thoughts on “Product of the Week > Tony Moly Panda Dream Hand Cream!

    • Rowi's Box says:

      Thank you Sharonoox I love Korean beauty products too. It’s just so refreshing to find products that actually work and the packaging wow factor I just love it. Try it I’m sure you won’t be disappointed 🙂


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