Double cleansing? Heard of the benefits from washing your face twice?

Hey, hey everyone ❤ What’s a double cleanse? Oil first, right? Then water-based? You may be thinking, why? There was a time I did too! Had it not been for that constant dry, facial feeling! That always looked oily yet managed to feel dry?! This Led me to try a double cleanse routine & now here I am, a total enthusiast!

Oil is applied to dry skin for the first wash & honestly speaking, it can feel a little strange at first! Yet what I love most about an oil cleanse is, the precision it immediately gives. The cleansing process is quicker, deeper & much easier to get into those stubborn areas. 

If oil so deep cleansing, should we really need to double up?

Absolutely! It’s said that skin which hasn’t been cleansed properly, overtime could appear dull from a build-up of dirt and dead skin! The build up creates a surface layer which could prevent our active moisturising products, from getting in where they need to! Cleansing twice ensures any remaining product or stubborn surface layers are, fully and gently  removed (with this method)..

When it comes to the oils, there’s a few still on the wish list but two top picks so far would be;

EBORIAN – Solid cleansing oil

A solid oil, great to take travelling, no fear of spills as the texture is creamy and a little, spreads far. With this consistency, it’s easy to massage gentle circular motions along the face which I find quite relaxing. I love how It transforms into a light lotion upon contact with water washing away all impurities along with it. My skin feels hydrated, visibly clean and without any residues – With power-house ingredients from green tea and chamomile, to licorice, Japanese knot weed and rosemary ❤  I found this on QVC & think they may still have some available 🙂 


Banilla Clean it Zero -Purity 

This is a really gentle & great product; almost sherbet like in texture, free from any nasties. It’s truly suitable for the most sensitive skin types without fear of irritation. With non additives and a texture that minimises any skin stress, cleanses make up with ease and helps draw out & remove impurities. With Eco-cert natural oil & Hollyhock extract said to help sooth skin sensitivities and sooth environmental damage.With no additives, colours or alcohol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils or parabens. It truly is a gentle and effective product. My oily-combination breakout prone skin loves this! 


Sound good? I urge you to try! Since adding oil cleansing to my routine, which at first seemed contradictory as my skin is very much oily-combination! Also from saying goodbye to alcohol based washes and toners etc. I can totally feel and see how much more balanced my skin is overall! Should you change just one thing, try oil cleansing, I don’t think you’d be disappointed ❤

I tend to keep it quite simple with foaming cleansers (water based) and have been happy with my Garnier purchase from a while back (still going strong!) you can read the full review here 

I’ve recently ordered a new wash by Korean Brand #COSRX as morning, low PH cleanser but it’s new so once I’ve given it the test of time I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with it too.

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