• Acne from the inside, outside! With a little help from Mother Natures Kitchen!

    Acne from the inside, outside! With a little help from Mother Natures Kitchen!

    Have you ever suffered from any kind of Acne? If so, you’ll know just how relentless it can be!

    I had a random offset 2 years ago at 32! Previously thinking that I’d been lucky & escaped this problem being in my 30’s, Wrong! It was a whole new feeling, never before had I thought about my skin with so much detail! I wanted to know where the cause of this bumpy rash on my face was coming from and why! I’m still not 100% to this day what the true trigger was/is! There are so many to consider, From hormones or allergies, diet to even stress! But, I do believe what we put inside of us, shines on the out and the importance of a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and grains etc. For optimum health, effectively skin health too.

    My skin type being oily-combination means my pores get blocked super easily! When experiencing breakouts, my skin becomes exceptionally oilier! And can’t tolerate many products. Therefore I have to keep things really simple and from this, I’ve discovered a couple home remedies that help me tame the beast better than any of my products can!

    Home Remedy time!

    Chamomile Tea > Has been used in traditional medicinal purposes over centuries, due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. These are all powerhouses for acne. Drinking and applying topically equally bring good effects & I do both! Start by brewing TWO cups! One for drinking with the addition of lemon and honey. the second to apply topically after cleansing. Chamomile tea is know to help calm & relax you, can help you feel sleepy so I tend to drink it mainly in the evenings.

    • Pour the tea and leave to cool before using topically
    • Using the tea bag as a compress can help reduce swelling, inflammation & help kill acne bacteria
    • Dip a cotton wool  ball into the tea, pat onto the skin or effected areas even all over the face !
    • Apply gently with fingertips and pat dry
    • Soak cotton pads in the tea and then leave on for 10 mins; remove and rinse face with water.
    • Press the leaves from the bag onto old acne marks to help reduce the scaring

    Rooibos Tea

    ROOIBOS TEA > Contains Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial and Immune-Modulating properties. It’s also known as Red Bush Native to South Africa, the tea is packed with a powerful trio of antioxidants. Thus Providing effective & broad protection against harmful free radicals & skin damage, plus it’s good for our overall health

    • When used topically Rooibos can help restore the skins P.H Levels,  clear pores & balances moisture levels
    • Help control & balance excess sebum & dead skin cells
    • Hypoallergenic – known for its use in aiding allergies, which can help protect skin from irritants
    • Antibacterial, helps fight the bacteria that causes acne

    GREEN TEA > The powerhouse for skin & body with all those vitamins from B vit’s, to naturally occurring folic acid, potassium, magnesium and other antioxidants. Some of which responsible for the promotion of skin health. Drink a few cups per day as well as applying topically.

    • It’s said that the vitamins contained in Green Tea can sometimes help correct the root cause of acne
    • Reduce inflammation and aid in correcting hormonal imbalances
    • Contains Zinc, known for its anti-microbial agent, effective in the treatment of acne.

    This can feel a bit dehydrating, I find despite the surface oil I still need some form of hydration! You may think me crazy here, it’s an Oil! 

    COLD PRESSED JOJOBA OIL > Derived from seeds from Jojoba trees; it’s a super light weight oil that’s mild in smell too. Recommended as a more holistic treatment for acne, eczema and psoriasis.

    • As a Moisturiser; a tiny amount goes a long way oil is still an oil, yet when used very sparingly this does keep my oil levels under control and doesn’t aggravate the breakout or clog my pores
    • Helps to control the skins oil levels & I’ve read up on how it can help regulate oily skin by tricking the skin into thinking its produced enough sebum, so stops producing more.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties; can be used as a spot treatment, mixed together with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil

    Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

    This is my minimal ritual for times of extreme breakout! It’s super simple and helps me reduce the problem relatively swiftly (but not overnight). My skin can handle this routine for around a week or so; then starts to feel a bit dry, however the intense overproduction of oil, significantly reduced. Moving forwards, I slowly start reintroducing products to not cause any irritations. 

    If you suffer from breakouts or excessive oil I do urge you to try this! Exfoliation is also really important for congested skin types however this is so simple, gentle, cost effective and for me works much better than my products during skin stress times! Got to love a little remedy from Mother Natures Kitchen 🙂 

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    1. 06/05/2017 / 12:41 AM

      This was a good post. I loved your home remedies to treat acne. There are many people who would rather a natural treatment.

      • 06/05/2017 / 5:41 AM

        Thanks so much I do love a natural remedy too. Ive tried so many products to help me with this problem but I always come back to these simple steps as they truly help me the most, I figured nothing to lose and am.so happy I tried 🙂

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