• Holiday time > Tropical Skincare; Product experiments!

    Holiday time > Tropical Skincare; Product experiments!

    Greetings Folks <3 Today I bring you this post all the way from sunny Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). It’s holiday time & despite bringing along a mini pharmacy of various products! I still can’t resist trying out new things! Over here, being a tiny island located just underneath India, there’s a load of herbs & tropical fruits widely available! Which then filters their way into the skincare products too!

    I realise what I’m trying out will be unavailable to most; myself included once back to UK shores! However, the focus is more on the ingredients & how they fuse with the skin / concerns. Being naturally based, the ingredients could be sourced and used to make some pretty powerful D.I.Y home treatments, perhaps these could be found within international supermarket type stores etc.


    The climate here is outrageously hot! It’s humid and dusty! All factors that would generally cause my skin to run riot! However, since arriving I’ve added a couple of local products in the mix! And am happy to report that even in this heat, my skin is surprisingly matte and balanced in feeling. Not overly shiny or oily which is quite rare! Naturally this makes me extremely happy and the best bit is, these are super affordable  & natural too!



    Face wash No. 1 > It’s a water based cleanser that I’ve been using after the oil cleanse (As always!). The key ingredients are Sandalwood & Venivel > (Otherwise known as Cosciniumfenestratum which is a tree, the woody, bark like parts are commonly used within Ayurvedic traditional, medicinal and is known for its skin soothing & brightening abilities). I’ve been reading about Ayurvedic, home made acne treatments with Venivel, it all sounds pretty powerful & effective. Sandalwood I’ve always seen used in South Asian Skincare from soaps to washes etc, Now I fully realise why! Known for its anti-inflammatory & Anti-Viral properties it’s known and used to relieve mild skin irritations from acne, superficial wounds, warts etc. I must say in terms of oil control my skin feels and looks good – it’s really humid here and on previous trips my skin has looked close to a frying pan!

    20170703_154903Exfoliator No. 2 > Wild Turmeric Skin scrub! I tend to generally avoid the beady type of facial scrubs! Due to past irritations. However, with it being so hot & sticky, I need my pores to be as clear as possible! Plus, this product feels very gentle comprised with only four ingredients! Also cost effective,I figured, why not! Key ingredients are; Turmeric which is said to have healing & brightening properties as well as aid in the lightening of dark spots / acne scars (No Bleach or any harsh chemicals). Calumbawood (Another word for Venivel which aside from its pore unclogging and skin benefits, is pretty powerful for the body too! Said to have the same effect as paracetamol! & is widely used as a natural remedy to fight against cold & flu!).  Lemon & Margosa; commonly known as Neem & has been an integral part of Ayurveda for the benefits associated with it. It’s a herb, I guess more prominent within south Asia but not only beneficial for our health, its said to aid in ridding common beauty problems due to its contents of Vitamin C which helps skin problems from blackheads to pigmentation, dullness and ageing. I didn’t think I’d go on holiday and pick up a whole new array of skincare tips and tricks! Yet, I’ve always vouched for mother natures kitchen and am a firm believer that there is something within nature that can cure most ailments! I also observe that the locals skin seem to appear pretty flawless & matte! They must be doing something right as we share the same genetics! I’ll definitely be stocking up on some raw ingredients & trying a few concoctions with these when I get home too!


    Note; you will see that the products all say whitening! This is quite misleading as there’s no bleach in the products or any harsh chemicals. I believe they mean brightening, as all of the above raw ingredients can help lighten dark spots, acne scars, help lessen the intensity of hyper-pigmentation etc. There’s no element of skin-bleaching type of whitening that you may associate Asian skincare products with 🙂 These ingredients can be blended up from raw ingredients to make some pretty potent remedies. My suitcase certainly will be filled with some of these goodies! 

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