• Look Fantastic July > Pretty Paradise Box

    Look Fantastic July > Pretty Paradise Box

    Hey, hey it’s that time of the month again, goodies  delivered right to the door, inside a neat little box,! But this time, Dam! If only I’d received this before my holiday, in actual paradise! It would have been perfect! Yet, July’s box as themed Pretty in Paradise is a great mix of products overall, each of good size, & perfect for travels too; I’m really pleased with the content and happy to share it all with you too.



    Isn’t it pretty 🙂 I just love the design of this months box; now let’s get to the contents shall we:

    COWSHED > CHAMOMILE REFRESHING TONER 250 ML > This is a travel sized product and pretty generous in size. A British luxury brand rated for natural ingredients. This toner is no exception, the smell is lovely and gets you straight away, it’s really effective as that last step of cleansing; I can see any stubborn make up neatly removed and my face feels clean. This is a dual product in a way, as if purchasing the full-sized product it would come with a spritz cap so it could be sprayed opposed to sweeping on, even used as a refreshing mist to use during the day. 

    MOROCCAN OIL > HYDRATING STYLING CREAM 75 ML > I’ve not come across this product before. My hair is at the after stages of holiday sun! Feeling pretty frazzled! I’m using this on damp, as well as dry hair & find it works both as a light leave in conditioner, that adds texture and movement at the same time. It’s a styling cream essentially, super light & not heavy. It sinks straight into my fine, yet dry hair without leaving it limp. This would be a great addition to take to the beach with you 🙂

    HOT MAKE UP > LARGE BRONZER  > Another generously sized product, Hoorah! This brand I’ve not come across before but, I like it. The bronzer does exactly what it needs to. For my already tanned complexion the colour is quite subtle yet, I am still able to see it and just in the way I would like, I guess this type of product has multiple uses which is always good, right? 

    JELLY PONG PONG > BARE NECESSITIES HIGHLIGHTING PENCIL > This looks like another full-sized product to me? I’m so happy for receiving it! Excellent product, another unknown brand to myself but am loving the result! My current pencil had just run out so this couldn’t have come at a better time. With 4 uses Highlighting, concealing, water-liner or illuminators! Personally speaking this would be far too light for me to even consider using as a concealer! But, as a highlighter for under the brows / inner eyes, this is an excellent find due to the tip being perfectly shaped and sized for precise lines. 


    MIMITIKA > SUN CREAM FACTOR 50 > A French Brand, another that I’d not tried before and am liking what their all about! Dedicated to finding the perfect Facial Sun Cream. This being a Factor 50 SPF as well as a moisturizer. Generally, I’d always use a separate cream then apply SPF. Yet, when it’s really hot and sticky; if using too many products my pores can feel a bit blocked and consequently break out! This summer, I’m adopting the lighter approach and this cream sits pretty nicely within my routine. Has not caused any breakouts or worsened my pigmentation patch! Also feels light on my skin, I’m getting on quite well with this product so far. 


    REGENERATE > TOOTHPASTE > A regenerated toothpaste, claims to repair tooth enamel and help whiten teeth. I’ve only used this a couple of times, am saving it for when I go on the next weekend trip. Toothpaste, I also find a chore taking away with me! So this is of prefect size for travel! When using this my teeth have felt a protective layer after use, my gums also feel healthy & you can feel this is a good quality toothpaste. I like this product, just not sure that I’d be willing to spend £10.00 to repurchase again. However, for those with specific dental sensitivities, I think this would be worth the splurge or for use as a treatment type of product? It’s quite specialised and despite being great it is quite a lot to spend on a toothpaste in my opinion, if you have good oral health. 

    Overall this months box content I’m really pleased with, each product is of decent size, useful and effective. I’ve not tried them all as there are so many, yet so far the Look Fantastic monthly boxes for me, offer the best value for money with quality of products. I’m also pleased to discover a few unknown brands that I perhaps otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of, for a while anyway 🙂 Have you tried any of these products? What’s your rating? 

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