Hey, Hey Happy Saturday! Are you a cosmetic hoarder? I’ve been going through my drawers, exercising in what you could call a bit of a military clear out! So many old cosmetics acquired along the way! Some such a waste of precious pennies! Others worth their weight in gold! 

    I always talk about skin, but today lets talk about the brows! What’s your natural style? Any brow goals? For me, formerly trying to defy my natural bushy brows along the way caused considerable harm by over plucking! I guess with most things, it’s always a wise idea to work with what we’ve been given by nature! 


    In the process of trying to plump them up using cosmetics (whilst growing back). I spent a considerable amount trialling out various gels or lining tools! This included big brands like Benefits Zing Browns, Wunderbrow, Mac etc. however, as amazing as these products are they also come with quite a high price point! Ever notice how all your products seem to run out around the same time! Feels like a conspiracy! When using day to day items each around £20-30 each, the cost involved on replacements can amount to a mini fortune that’s not always practical!

    This is why I’m so happy to share with you a Korean product that for me has smashed all of the above. The cost is still around £14 but, in the set (link below). you get 2 X items & the effect in my personal opinion; is better than anything I’ve tried before in terms of staying power and definition. 

    This leads me to >>



    This product comes with 2 X brow pens as you can see. One is with a fine tip, the other is a dual wand comprised with an angled marker pen type of brush! The other side is a wide mascara type of brush. This stuff literally once applied stays put no matter the weather, sweat etc.

    Once applied, will not slide or move from its place until you cleanse it off! For me this is amazing! With all the other more accessible brands I’ve tried (also with a higher price tag!). I would always find during the day, they would all slide off my face to a certain degree. Never a good look really is it! This product to my knowledge comes in three shades: Earth Brown, Soft Brown and Dark brown. I use the dark Brown and I especially like is that it still gives a warmish tone & is not too dark, I find it looks a bit more natural this way than a harsh Black ashy colour. 

    For best results I use first the finer pen as a lining tool to shape the outsides that I will then fill in. I don’t often use the wide marker end of the second wand, I guess due to the shape of my brows, I don’t really need it. For the application of the mascara like side; I take an angled brow brush and coat with product then fill in the outline formerly created & as needed.


    Once done I gently give a brush through and eh Voila, job done. This literally will not move all day! In terms of value for money I’ve been using this for over 5 months, every day & still going strong! In my opinion, this is almost the same as tinting your brows! If I didn’t oil cleanse, I think this would leave a tint for a couple of days it’s that effective. If fed up of paying through the nose for eyebrow products that tend to slip & slide, I would totally recommend giving this one a try. 



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