• The Power of Yoga! Mind, Body & Soul Balance!

    The Power of Yoga! Mind, Body & Soul Balance!

    The Power of Yoga! Mind, Body & Soul Balance!

    There’s no denying the benefits of physical exercise! We need it, and it could be from anything even simply walking regularly or gentle yoga. The benefits are plenty, not just for the body but the mind & mental clarity too. If you do work out, remember that buzzing feeling at the end? Energy literally flowing through your mind & body? Pretty powerful & energising right? 


    Have you falling of the wagon into periods of sedentary living? At some point, it can happen to all? When it does I don’t know about you? But, I can totally feel a difference! Right now I’m getting back on track! My exercise routine is a mix of high intensity (short 20 mins) with yoga sessions on alternate days or for stretching 3/4 days a week.


    There are so many different types out there! From Power (my favourite). To Hatha slower also great for beginners & relaxation, Vinyassa fast and fluid sometimes more intermediate level, the list goes on! What I really enjoy about practising Yoga is the balance you feel afterwards, literally as if the mind & body feel connected! Yet, I know a lot of people who find the notion a bit off-putting!?

    Just to clarify, yoga doesn’t need to be a deep & spiritual experience! Everyone is different, which is wonderful.
    But, it needn’t be and can be practised as a form of exercise that in turn will leave you feeling amazing, and rid of any negative feelings acquired through the day!



    It all starts with the breath! Simply, the act of breathing air deeply into your belly slowly and releasing is quite powerful just in itself! Try it right now? Let your belly fill up with air as you take in a deep inhale and then, release it as your belly draws in. Do you feel a bit calmer instantly? I know I do, especially after a long day, or in overwhelming moments this simple breathing can really help take a step back and regain perspective. 

    Yoga has so many health and physical benefits, i especially like it as there are so many variations, i guess intensities for all levels as well as moods or times of day. After each session without fail, I always feel peaceful, stronger and well stretched! All the tension, cricks and little twists in the body feel released, which feels really good! 

    The physical benefits of yoga range from: Increased flexibility, Increased muscle strength & tone, Improved respiration levels, more energy & vitality. Practising Yoga regularly may also help maintain balanced metabolism, Cardio and circulatory health as well as improving our athletic performance too. Yoga poses deeply stretch into truly every muscle in our bodies, even ones we weren’t aware were there, until we can feel them! 

    Incorporating Yoga after cardio or high intensity exercise is fantastic too! In fact, the depth of the  stretches (poses) may even help prevent injury’s. 

    With all exercise there’ mental health benefits; yoga can help sharpen the attention span & concentration levels, also said to calm & centre the nervous system too, all good things right? 


    With time comes increased flexibility! No one jumps on that yoga mat for first time & bend like a pro! If so, it kind of misses the point! Yoga is a personal journey, with time we get better and more flexible, the joints and muscles loosen up and then allows us to get into those poses! Real progress is within the journey, not the destination!

    If looking to get back in shape, looking for a way to relax and do something good for your wellness, or increase fitness etc. Not sure where, or how to start? Give yoga a go, there’s heaps of free content online (you tube) I’m certain there’s something out there for everyone & I’m sure you will feel awesome for it too ♥

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    1. 08/13/2017 / 1:34 AM

      Good job on getting an exercise routine again! Yoga is good; I’ve done a little. I would like to get back into a class one day.

      • 08/27/2017 / 10:00 AM

        I love yoga… From recently adding more cardio than ever before I can also appreciate it for its deep stretching powers, more so than anything I’ve found… Also leaves you feeling centred which is always good right? 🙂

    2. Sabrina Patricia
      12/05/2017 / 6:47 PM

      So true and I understand your point so well. It is just the best tool to re-connect with oneself and one’s body. Thanks for sharing!

      • 12/06/2017 / 9:01 AM

        Thank you Sabrina ❤ I’m so happy I reached you and you share the same feelings. It really is the best reconnection tool let’s share the power 🙂

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