Let’s talk skincare, today I want to share my thoughts on the new product by @Clinique, Moisture Surge, Hydrating Super Charged Concentrate. I must admit, the packaging alone is pretty neat & makes quite a nice addition to any dressing table!

    My skin type really fluctuates! Sometimes so oily when things are out of sync! other times dry and almost with flaking patches! Nice eh! It can be really hard to find a one fit all solution & is why I tend to customise a routine to accommodate my varying skin type! Do you feel the same? Can be frustrating cant it!

    I was looking for a product that could be used to layer up under moisturiser for an extra boost of moisture.  Working by day in the city exposes the skin to a vast amount of air pollution and daily grime! Teamed with working in an office sometimes with air conditioning, or central heating and not much air also subject to computer screens can all cause the skin to lose essential moisture. I needed something quite quenching, yet not too heavy to block the pores and cause an oil overload, I think I did well here however this product does not come too purse friendly!

    MOISTURESURGE by #Clinique is a super light, water like gel form of hydrating serum that claims to boost the skin’s moisture reservoir for a full 24 hours. Containing a Liquid-Sphere Technology said to combine water-binding ingredients with encapsulated antioxidants to help break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress that can lead to premature ageing. This product is also allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. Non-acnegenic and oil-free, too. Which was an attractive selling point as my skin was in the midst of an allergic like break out reaction! Therefore I needed something that wouldn’t further irritate.

    HOW DOES IS FARE > I’ve briefly touched on this one before, but to revisit in a bit more detail & in my personal opinion this is a really strong product. Which pretty much lives up to its claims. Depending on the climate and I say this because whilst on holiday in an average 32 Degree heat, this alone was sufficient as a moisturiser! However, in a more usual climate for me being based in the UK this layers up very well underneath my regular moisturiser. The texture is water like and in gel form, it’s extremely light and when rubbed in to the skin, in small circular movements it can be felt as a light & hydrating balance. My skin can handle it and it doesn’t cause me to break out or further irritate sensitive skin. I’m really happy with this however it’s not the most cost effective, yet to its defence. A little really goes a long way, the fact it does actually deliver on its claims means you only need to use a small amount so in that sense, it lasts well.

    I purchased this @Feelunique and a little tip and trick is that if you sign up (FOC) for a premier account, you get to choose one brand that then entitles you to an ongoing 10% Discount with every order placed. This is a massive help as it takes the edge of the cost a little bit. Another thing I especially like is that for any order over £40 there’s usually a pretty generous free gift comprised of a few sample sized products in a nice case.

    Over recent times I’ve been adding more and more Clinique products into my routine, there was a time I found them too heavy for me. Yet recently I’m beginning to much appreciate them and find they fuse well with my skin to the point where I can visibly see steady improvements – Yay, Nay?


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