Hey, Hey Let’s talk about food and nutrition again today. As part of a healthy lifestyle and on the quest for glowing skin, a good diet plays a vital role in achieving this. Besides, it never does any harm, right? 

A couple of years ago I felt so frustrated. As in my mind I was eating relatively well, aside from the odd binge day here and there but hey, that’s okay right? There was this one winter in particular,  no matter what I did I just kept catching cold & flu! I tell you, not only was this exhausting that fuzzy brained feeling nearly all the time! It was also pretty frustrating, looking & feeling all over the place! 

I decided to take on a bit of a mass diet change! Looking back, I think it would have been advisable to change things up a couple of items per time. As it was around this time my skin decided to go on an all time u-turn in terms of breakouts! I wonder if it was almost a bit of a detox type of reaction! 

Being of Sri Lankan ethnicity; safe to say white rice is never too far away! Which, I always considered okay aside from its starchy content, yet I decided to switch it up. This was not exclusive just to rice, I delved right in! So, instead of white Rice, I moved to Brown rice, instead of white bread I’d look more for Whole Grains (not whole-wheat). I must say from all of the dietary changes made, I think this has been one of the best decisions and introductions for my diet moving forwards. I’m not sure if it’s fully related yet, over the last couple of years when catching cold I’ve managed to shake it off pretty fast and it’s been nothing to the same level as before!

BENEFITS OF BROWN RICE > The main distinction between White Rice & Brown Rice is that the brown varieties still have what is known as the ‘Hull’ & ‘Bran’. White Rice also started with these properties, however to clean it as it were and give it the White colour, it goes through a process which then sadly strips it of these vital nutrients.

Why are Hull & Bran so good? Basically this is what gives its ”natural wholeness”. The grains are rich in proteins, Fibre – So important for a healthy gut = health. Thiamine, Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium. If you’re trying to lose weight? Or perhaps suffering with diabetes? It can prove helpful due to its low glycemic rating (helps reduce insulin spikes). Compared to White rice that has sadly been stripped of all of  these vitamins & zinc content during the refining process. 


KEY BENEFITS FOR BROWN RICE > Rich in Antioxidants, said to contain the same levels as super foods like Blueberries, Strawberries & other fruits / Veggies. In terms of Fibre which is super important; eating a diet rich in Brown Rice research suggests that it can help decrease the chances of colon cancer, by helping clear out toxins & help eliminate them from attaching to the wall of the colon. High in Magnesium, just one cup provides 80% of our RDA – bye-bye foot cramps! Also, rich in naturally occurring oils, is considered as a whole grain which is awesome to help reduce the risks of heart disease and high cholesterol. 

HOW TO COOK > It would depend on your preference, my favourite way is to every 1 X cup rice take, 2, 1/2 cups of water (one of which I add Chicken Stock). To give it a bit of an oomph. I like to flavour up my rice a little & you can always throw a handful of Wild Rice & Red Rice to mix it up a bit too. Cover and leave as you would usually & simmer on a low heat until all water has absorbed. It took me years to get the water ratios of rice perfected! If honest, sometimes I still over water a bit! but the taste for me now is much preferred to starchy white rice. Other observations are that I always feel full for longer and more satisfied which in turn means I don’t snack or binge like I used to. In terms of overall health I honestly feel so much better than I did a few years ago and I do believe this reflects on my skin and body too. 

Thinking about making the switch? Healthy doesn’t need to be boring I maintain that, once you start you won’t want to stop as the feeling is so good. 

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