Do you eat a lot of rice? White? Brown Rice aren’t they all good for you? A couple of years I remember feeling so frustrated! In my mind, I was eating well aside from the odd bad things here and there but hey, that’s okay right? One winter in particular no matter what I did, I just kept catching cold & flu! Not only was this exhausting that fuzzy brained feeling so often, it was frustrating too! 


    I decided to take on a diet overhaul! Looking back, it would have been wiser to make smaller changes, starting with removing & entering a couple of items at a time to not shock the body too much!

    Time to switch things up starting with the carbs! instead of white rice, I’ll go for the fibre rich brown alternative. This wasn’t exclusive just to rice, I delved right in! So, instead of white bread I’d look for Whole Grains (not whole-wheat). I must say from all the dietary changes made I think this has been one of the best introductions for my diet moving forwards. I’m not sure if it’s fully related yet, over the last couple of years when catching cold I’ve managed to shake it off pretty fast, nothing like how I would catch them before! Need motivation getting into a healthy lifestyle? check out a collab’ post here


    The main distinction between White & Brown Rice is the brown varieties still have what is known as the ‘Hull’ & ‘Bran’. White Rice started with these properties but to clean it up and give it its White colour, it goes through a process which then sadly strips it of not just the colour, but most of the vital nutrients too!

    Are Hull & Bran so good? YES! Basically, this is what gives brown rice its ”natural wholeness” The grains are rich in proteins, Fibre which is so important for a healthy gut! Brown rice also contains Thiamine, Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium’. If you’re trying to lose weight? Or even suffering with diabetes? It may be helpful with a low glycemic rating. Comparing this with White rice that has sadly been stripped of all of  these vitamins & zinc content during its refining process. 

    Brown Rice


    Brown rice is rich in Antioxidants, apparently containing the same levels of fibre as super foods like Blueberries & Strawberries too. Fibre is super important and something that can be quite lacking in a diet filled with white carbs!  Research suggests that with a diet rich in Brown Rice the nutritional properties may help to decrease the chances of colon cancer, by helping clearing out toxins & eliminating them from attaching to the wall of the colon.

    Brown rice is also high in Magnesium with just one cup providing 80% of our R.D.A, bye-bye foot cramps! Also, rich in naturally occurring oils & considered as whole grain which is what we need to  help prevent the risks of heart disease & high cholesterol. 


    It depends on preference really but my method is to every 1 X cup rice take, 2, 1/2 cups of water (one of which I add Chicken Stock). To give it a bit of an oomph. I like to flavour my rice a bit  and you can even throw a in handful of Wild Rice, or Red Rice to mix it up a bit too?

    Cover and leave as you would usually & simmer on a low heat until all water has absorbed. From making this diet switch the taste of brown rice now is much more enjoyable than starchy white rice! 

    I also observe how I feel fuller, for longer and more satisfied after eating which means I don’t snack or binge like I used to. My overall health feels so much better than a couple of years ago! I believe this reflects on my skin and body too is as directly due to making simple changes to my diet!

     Healthy doesn’t need to be boring I maintain that, once you start you won’t want to stop as the feeling is so good

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