Get your Glow on Walking or Hiking up the Woods!

Happy weekend everyone 🙂 What have you been getting up to? Getting ready to go out & about? Taking things easy? Or some kind of active adventure? 

Calling on all nature lovers here! If honest for me there’s nothing better than a weekend spent outdoors! Exploring somewhere vast, green and wildly beautiful! It’s simply energising walking through the woods, past rivers, lakes or mountains! It feels good for the mind, body & soul! 

Fancy a hike or a long walk? The best bit is that it’s completely free & pretty much anyone can do it! With no cost of gym memberships etc. All that’s needed is a decent pair of shoes, getting out there and getting healthy in the process!


Benefits of hiking or walking? Starting with improved fitness levels teamed with an improvement in overall health! There’s plenty of benefits! Plus all the beautiful views experienced along the way. If new to it all, like anything new its always best to start things slowly! Even just 15-20 mins of brisk walking per day and you should start to feel an improvement in fitness levels. 


I find walking is in ways a bit overlooked compared to the more vigorous exercises out there! Yet, the benefits are a plenty; decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease! It’s said that those who walk an hour per day, 5 X per week cut their chances of having a stroke in half! Whilst Lowers the risk of heart disease. Walking being a weight-bearing exercise; in turn, builds strength in your glutes, quads hamstrings & the muscles in your hips / lower legs, whilst strengthening the core too. Win!

But, let’s Not forget the feel good factor too! Aside from the stunning views, sense of stillness and calm which is especially therapeutic when living in a big city! Hiking or long brisk walks with inclines allows us to feel closer to nature and the natural rhythms. It’s like an overall increased feeling of happiness! I truly think this simple act allows us to feel more fulfilled. Can you recount that feeling after completing a more challenging trail? Up a steep hill? Or even a mountain? There’s a real sense of achievement right? These images were taken on the way up and down from Mt. Rigi in Switzerland, a truly beautiful place.  

Fancy getting your walking shoes on? Looking for an accessible and perhaps less intimidating way to increase fitness levels? Just think of all those blood pumping benefits with some soothing time away from the big smoke ♥

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