• D.I.Y Pedicure with a punch! Foot Loving, Pamper time

    D.I.Y Pedicure with a punch! Foot Loving, Pamper time

    As the weekend draws to an end and Autumn is creeping in, I’m still determined to maintain the foot care game! Are you a pedicure queen? Or prone to neglecting those poor feet that carry us forward? 

    I must confess; being a bit of a nature lover, these outdoor activities can wreck havoc on the poor feet! After long walks, periods outside or even dancing! It’s safe to say that my feet seem to take the brunt end of it all! For this reason I like to give them a bit of a TLC In the form of a good old soaking! 2/3 times per week & Adding in a few staple ingredients to the mix, I find keeps the skin healthy.


    Start by Taking a large tub suitable for soaking the feet in, fill with about 3 1/3rds of warm water, not too hot. (We don’t want to kill the ingredients about to follow)

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR > I use Braggs Organic Cider Vinegar it has all the gunky bits inside these varients contain the highest nutrient content! The benefits of using ACV as a foot soak are pretty vast and wonderful! For example – Soaking your feet for 30 mins can help alleviate toe nail fungus. This mix helps exfoliate the dry and hard skin away. Removes corns, helps prevent athletes foot whilst aiding in healing cracked skin. It’s also deeply relaxing when you kick back & relax with your feet soaking at home. There’s something quite soothing about it 🙂 

    BICARBONATE SODA / BAKING SODA > Add a generous dash of Baking Soda for exfoliation & softening benefits. Some swear by this a stubborn fungal nail treatment. To jazz things up you can add a few drops of an essential oil like Tee Tree Oil for its antibacterial properties. Then scrub the feet with a pumice stone, If done on a regular basis you will have smooth & soft feat with no unsightly cracks, all year round.


    LEMON JUICE, ROSE WATER & SALT > This is a bit of a power house solution from Mother Nature herself! There’s something in the acidity of the lemons that’s super effective for healing hard skin. Take one lemon, squeeze it into the water (use the remains to physically rub on your heels). Salt being coarse and drying is great to encourage exfoliation whereas Rose Water, is an all around superstar in terms of softening. This combination teamed with a little scrubbing will leave your feet feeling super clean, soft and nourished. 

    For optimum results, take your best moisturising cream or even Vaseline then apply to the feet once patting dry. Cover with Cotton socks and sleep with them on to wake up with super soft feet. For really stubborn & hard, cracked heels do this on a regular basis until you see improvements. I swear by these as my feet were always so hard before especially on one side! Now, when I get in from any arduous activities it’s one of the first things I do & can totally see improvements! Plus its all pretty relaxing to tell the truth 🙂 Enjoy ♥ 

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