• HEALTH EDIT Inside-outside! Berry Breakfasts!

    HEALTH EDIT Inside-outside! Berry Breakfasts!

    How do you start day in terms of breakfast & nutrition? Are you a skipper? From years of skipping breakfast entirely  living on caffeine until lunch! As I get older, I realise how unhealthy this was! Don’t get me wrong, if this is the way you roll then who am I to object, but personally, I’ve come to appreciate food for the fuel it is for the body!

    When it comes to breakfast there are a couple of staples that keep me sharp and mentally focused until lunch time.

    Skin, health, mind & body are all connected! In the busy, sometimes manic lifestyles we lead! It’s too easy to forget about ourselves! Some may even believe the act of making time for ourselves daily, could be perceived as selfish? Yet, you know what they say, it all starts within! In order to be your best self and for others,  then we need to work on ourselves first right! Besides, we only get one body to carry us through life so, it would seem wise to look after this as best we can right? 

    When it comes to breakfast & nutrition; what we put inside will look after us and in turn reflect on the outside!

    Any favourites to kick start the day? If exercising first thing perhaps a more protein rich start to the day with complex carbs? Have your heard the saying; eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch & a pauper for dinner? Apparently, this is the best way to go? Personally, when it comes to breakfast I like to eat in line with what I’ve been doing!  When working I’ll opt for carbs like porridge or, overnight oats to provide more energy.

    With a love for all things berry related! Because. There’s so many things you can throw them in & on! Also packed with vitamins and antioxidants and make a perfect addition to many breakfast recipes or smoothies


    Bowl Of Fresh Mixed Berries And Yogurt

    Natural Yogurt with Honey, Blueberry & or Raspberry

    Here’s a quick and easy little breakfast  to start the day! Literally take a bowl and take a portion to preference of Natural Unsweetened yogurt my favourite is by Fage with simple ingredients & live active cultures (good bacteria for the tummy & overall health).

    Then scoop a handful of Blueberries, Raspberries or any fruit you like. Blueberries are full of fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin C & B6.

    To dress sprinkle nuts of preference, Flax or even Chia seeds to give you a little extra vitamin kick & if you prefer a little sweet? I like to squeeze some honey to sweeten things up a bit. 

    Porridge Oats breakfast with Berries & A Touch of Honey

    For the cooler months, or simply feeling hungrier or craving something warm? I’ll do pretty much the same as the above, but switch the yogurt for warm porridge from oats made with water and then heated up in the microwave.

    Oats are especially good for those with cholesterol issues containing a specific type of fibre known as beta-glucan (also great for the immune system). You can add any fruits to top that you like; bananas, apples, strawberries etc

    Starting the day even with a small, but nutritious breakfast like this is such an easy way to get those vitamins & minerals into the body. Once adopting the habit, it easily becomes a routine, one  that’s so tasty it’s wont feel like a chore at all! Eating well need not be bland and boring! 


    It is frustrating sometimes how eating a balanced diet made up of good quality food can at times, come with a bit of a price tag! It can add up maintaining all fresh produce regularly and keeping up well stocked cupboards etc. But, the way I look see it is, it’s an investment into my overall health.

    Then I think how easily we can throw money around for things that are not so good for us so to balance things out,  perhaps there’s other things that could be sacrificed for something better.

    For smoothies & the overnight oats frozen berries are good too & cost effective, there are ways to cut costs and still eat a balanced diet.

    Don’t underestimate the power of a good breakfast! It starts the day as we wish to go on & curbs those hunger pangs until lunchtime. Think skin! The glowing benefits from having a nutrient rich diet doesn’t just benefit our overall health! It’s great for our skin, hair & nails too! Win!

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