HEALTH EDIT #Insideoutside! Berry Breakfasts!

HEALTH EDIT #Insideoutside! Berry Breakfasts!

Good morning all 🙂 How do you start your day in terms of breakfast & nutrition? Are you a breakfast skipper? I used to be from many years of skipping breakfast entirely, living until lunch on caffeine and sugar! As I get older, I realise how unhealthy this was! Don’t get me wrong, if this is the way you roll then who am I to object, but personally speaking I’ve come to appreciate food for the fuel that it is for the body! When it comes to breakfast there are a couple of staples that keep me sharp and mentally focused until lunch time.

I believe skin, health, mind & body is all connected & all so important. In the busy, often manic lifestyles we lead; its all too easy to forget about ourselves! Some even feel as if the act of making time for ourselves daily could be perceived as selfish! Yet, you know what they say, it all starts within! In order to be the best and give the best to others we need to work on ourselves first right! Plus we only get one body to take us through life, so it would seem wise to look after it as best we can right? 

When it comes to breakfast & nutrition; what we put inside will look after us and in turn reflect on the outside! Do you have a favourite, or even meal of habit to start your day? If working out first thing maybe you prefer a more protein rich start to the day with complex carbs? Ever heard the saying; eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner? Apparently, this is the best way to go? I generally like to go with what I’ve been doing for example; if I’ve been working out or so then I’ll opt for porridge or overnight oats to give a bit more substance. If not, then generally I’d prefer to keep it a bit lighter & then follow with a wholesome lunch and dinner depending on how physically active I’ve been. With a love of all things berry! there’s just so many things you can throw them in to, on the plus they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants & I feel we can’t go wrong here! A couple of morning creations I default to are as follows: 

Bowl Of Fresh Mixed Berries And Yogurt

Natural Yogurt with Honey & Blueberry or Raspberries > I love this to start the day, literally take a bowl and opt for a Natural Unsweetened yogurt, my favourite is by Fage due to its pretty simple composition of natural ingredients. Just milk and live active cultures (good for the tummy, good for overall health). Also with protein, low in fat and suitable for cooking with too. Splash a handful of Blueberries or Raspberries or any fruit you like. Blueberries are full of fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6. Teamed with its lack of cholesterol all support Heart Health & provide a great way to start your day! To add to the mix I sometimes sprinkle mixed seeds that you can get in stores like Holland & Barrett to give an extra vitamin kick & a little bit of honey to sweeten things up a bit. 

Porridge Oats with Berries & A Touch of Honey > In the cooler months, or after any exercise in the morning (I like a bit of yoga). Or simply just feeling hungrier with the need for something warm! I’ll do pretty much the same as the above, but switch the yogurt for warm porridge from oats made with water and heated in the microwave, for three mins or so, then add the goodness into it. Oats are especially good for those with cholesterol issues, they contain a specific type of fibre known as beta-glucan (also good for the immune system). You can add any fruits you like really bananas, apples, strawberries etc. Whatever works best for you. I find by starting the day like this is such an easy way to get all important vitamins & minerals into the body. Once adopting the habit, it easily becomes a routine & being so tasty it’s no chore at all! Eating well need not be bland and boring! 

It is a sad thing that eating right can come with at a heavy price and yes I totally feel this! However, I look at it as an investment into my overall health and will maybe sacrifice some chocolates later on in the day for example. Another way is to make my berries last a few days by rationing out the portions! For smoothies and even overnight oats frozen varieties are also effective and much more cost effective so there are ways to cut costs and still eat well. I now fully realise the power of a good breakfast! It starts the day as we wish to go on& curbs the hunger pangs until lunchtime 🙂 Plus the best bit- all the benefits of eating a balanced and healthy diet which doesn’t just benefit our overall health! It’s great for our skin, hair & nails too! Win!

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