• Looking for a fitness challenge? Pre-Christmas Burner? Must have seen #Joewicks? #TheBodycoach TV

    Looking for a fitness challenge? Pre-Christmas Burner? Must have seen #Joewicks? #TheBodycoach TV

    Are you a fitness god! Eat as well as you can in general? Also a lover of food?  Being a bit of a foodie & previously one of the lucky ones (don’t hate me!). I always used to be able to pretty much eat as much as I wanted, with no real consequences (that I could see anyway!). Until alas, the early 30’s happened! 

    Yep, that luck soon to run out but my appetite remained the same! Not really noticing any changes until this year (now 35). The holidays, or lets just say holiday photo’s happened! I realised things had changed! Back in the day I used be pretty active gyming it 4X per week & actually loved it! But let myself slip over the years, post holidays I knew it was time to take control but not just for how I look on the outside! For overall health and that feeling of being physically strong again!

    #Thebodycoach AKA Joe Wicks, some of you may love him? Others perhaps feel it’s all hype? Online there’s all kinds of mixed feelings! But, I can only tell you what I know to be true for myself & truthfully I’ve never tried anything more effective!


    So what is it all about? The body coach TV is a You Tube channel with plenty of 15, 20 even 30 minute work outs to chose from. #Joewicks has cook books with snack ideas & some with workout plans too. For those who want a significant weight loss may opt for a more intensive plan. You can buy 30 or 90 day SSS plan; these base workouts & meals on your weight, height etc. I didn’t do this more so, I made my own by purchasing a few of the books (kindle and hardback). All the work outs I do are free & available online. The principle is that you work hard. If you do this correctly, you are really working your butt off! These are High Intensity workouts and man! Sometimes it feels brutal! Yet afterwards, so good that you actually made it through!

    The recipes are based on you working out and what I love about #Wicks is that; its not your usual plan! (And there some criticism for this!). The meals can be quite high in fat, yet when you get the timings right, by that I mean on your work out days. I found that  fat was literally burning whilst filling up with loads of nutrients from all kinds of veg, fibre, proteins etc.. 


    My Home-Made Routine: To start with I wanted to shred a bit of fat, but not too much more to feel physically strong again, fit and healthy. Also for my skin! Suffering with breakouts that I never had before, I believed this to be rooted to something internal. 4 X per week I would do #HIIT & on those days I eat more carbs, take recipes inspired from the books (sometimes I change them up a bit to my own preferences). The portions can be quite big & if so, I tailor to what feels right for me & my body. Typically, for breakfast overnight oats, [porridge, wholegrain toast with avocado’s etc. Lunch would be salads full of good and healthy fats like salmon, avocados, leaves and beetroots with a nice wholegrain roll. Or homemade fish finger sandwiches etc. Non work out days you reduce the carbs as best you can & to be honest It didn’t feel like going without anything! The idea is to curb your hunger with thought out, prepped snacks to stop you getting so hungry (like traditional diets). If you opt for starvation I imagine anyone would totally end up binging on everything because we’d be almost starving!

    Overall? It’s been four months now and I would say that I have achieved everything I wanted & more from this journey. I find from sticking with it; this has now become a habit one that’s changing my perception of what I eat too! My skin is glowing and better than it has been in years, I’m happy with how I look and feel on the inside & out, overall stronger feeling & have become a bit of a master in the kitchen at the same time! Once you get past the first couple of weeks, the difference in strength can be felt which is oh so motivating. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good pizza and wine! But as with everything in life, it’s all about the balance right? Now, I do HIIT about 3 X per week, in-between I may do a leg day, yoga arms, abs etc. The best bit with this type of workout is that it’s quick, effective & can be fitted into most routines & at home. I work full time, not going to lie I’m tired when I get home! Yet, I can find the time for this so I believe If i can, so can anyone it just takes a bit of a push. If curious, want to get a bit leaner & stronger pre the holiday season & up for a challenge? I would totally recommend anyone to give this a try the results are incredible! 

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