• REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Vinoperfect #Radiance Serum by #Caudalie – Have you tried?

    REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Vinoperfect #Radiance Serum by #Caudalie – Have you tried?

    Today let’s talk products! With the colder weather I tend to layer up on the hydration layers & have been trying out a new serum from #Caudalie called #VinoperfectRadiance Complexion Correcting Serum. I was curious due to the many raving reviews online. 

    It’s a milky looking / textured serum, that claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots from age to sun marks, promoting an overall boost in skin tone, complexion & overall radiance? Being familiar with the brand & generally pleased with former results, also appreciating the simplistic, yet potent ingredient set. I thought this sounded really good.

    Key ingredients are Olive Squalane (moisture), Vineferine (radiance & dark spots). This is a mid ranged product £45.00 which,for me is a bit high. Being a #Kbeauty fan too, there are a number of serums out there, highly effective in cost & effect so, this was a bit of an experimental purchase. 

    From using the serum for around 8 X weeks perhaps too early to advise on full results. My first impressions were a bit disappointing, as this didn’t feel comfortable on my skin & felt that it wan’t really spreading over my face well. Almost sticky feeling! But as the weeks went on & now that I’ve now integrated this into my skincare routine it is better. I apply after toning, on top of an essence type of hydration product (light like a mist or in-between a serum and a toner type of product). When used like this, I find the product sinks in more effectively & is easier to distribute.

    Overall, my skin does look a bit smoother, overall complexion does show some improvement. At the time of first introducing this serum, I was recovering from a bug that left my skin looking quite dull and bleak! Since incorporating, I do see improvements however am not really sure if it’s down to the other products being used in conjunction with this product, or if it as a result of using this! Verdict: For now, this sits with my skin-routine and has its place. Moving forwards, honestly I doubt that I would consider repurchasing this product. For the cost this for me is just an okay product. As a stand alone serum it sadly doesn’t cut the grain as I believe there are equal, if not better #serums on the market for example #Kiehls or #Klars that offer the same high quality of natural, potent ingredients but just that bit more affordable and effective. Sorry Caudalie this one is not a keeper for me, yet it doesn’t put me off trying other products from the brand. 

    Have you used this one? Maybe my way of using this is not correct? If you’ve tried and love this. Maybe you can offer some advise as to ho to use for optimum results?  

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