• New Year New you? IS IT Time for Goal setting

    New Year New you? IS IT Time for Goal setting

    A very Happy New year ! What goals will you set to get the new year started? Perhaps it all starts in a recovery from wild boozy antics? Or perhaps more of a reflective start goal setting type of start? Ready to leap into action this year with New Goals & Motivation? 


    Sounds like such a cliche? New Year, New you! However, there is a certain power and mindset that follows from setting small goals for ourselves to work towards. Then smashing them, one by one can allow a great feeling of satisfaction as well as opening doors of opportunity we may never have perceived as possible. 


    I can’t speak for all but, as I grow older 🙁 I definitely notice that time seems to move forwards so much faster each year? Winter turns to spring faster than ever, the summer returns and then as if by magic; we arrive at the end of the year again in what feels like some kind of super-speed! But, when looking back over the years event, the time does seem long yet, eerily short all the same!


    So what goals do you want to set & achieve this year? Is it healthier lifestyle? The age old quit smoking? Perhaps starting your own business? Whatever the #goal we should reach for the sky! As time waits truly for no wo/man  🙂

    This year I know that I need to up my #healthy #lifestyle approach a notch, not just to get trim but for the long-term health and brain benefits exercise and whole foods give back to the body & mind. In terms of this blog, I know I’ve been pretty intermittent this year (my first year) and that for sure will be another area of improvement to become more consistent with. So how will I go about committing to this plan? 

    There are a heap of other areas I would like to focus on in honesty but hey, I want to keep you interested so won’t elaborate! How I plan to achieve these goals are by how I now, would approach anything. This time last year, I spend a lot of time online researching & reading articles from all over.


    Stumbling upon many free webinars & online content that taught the basic concept of how to achieve more, with the time that we have. No matter what we do, most people lead pretty hectic, constantly on the go type of lifestyles? Some love it, wouldn’t change it for the world. For me if honest it’s gruelling sometimes!

    The only way to achieve all that I need to in one day is by making a plan! For each day of the week, then dedicating a little time each day, to any area of focus or even interest. I’m not going to lie sometimes I am too tired and areas can slip a bit. But  it is equally important to not beat ourselves up about it! Or even worse, feel totally de-motivated should we ‘fail’ for a week or so. As long as we get back up,  remain focused on what it is that we want to achieve, it’s okay to fall sometimes & after all we are only human right (No super powers yet). 



    #Goal setting approach, so as above I talk about #planning the week ahead, it’s as literal as that (writing it all down). This year instead of  waiting to do everything in the evenings when physically tired with limited time. I plan to use the morning hours (wish me luck!).  There are many articles & ideas out there to suggest that when we apply ourselves to important tasks first thing. We are most productive & at our most mentally sharp point for the day. As a result we can achieve our highest quality of work in this period. So, I’ll aim to wake an hour earlier, do a quick 20 mins workout to get my mind & body ready for the day ahead, also to just feel amazing! Then spend another 20 mins or so jotting blog content ideas for the weeks ahead, in order to remain consistent. As well as think about what I want from my meals each day of that week to be able to pre-prep them and have what I need available to smash out good quality meals in less time! 

    Little by little – I’ve learned from my own personal fitness journey which by the way is still a journey! What I’ve learned from my own practice is that when you do something every day, for a period of around 3-4 months is that it actually becomes a habit that then becomes harder to break. So, if your pondering, reflecting, have so much to offer the world, or want to make something stick for positive change in your life. Try giving yourself just 10, 20 or 30 mins each day at whatever time works for you. To really #focus & think about what it is you want to achieve, then how it is that you can get there? Over time, you will see this #pattern sticks and hopefully all that you want, is just within your reach. 

    Happy New Year to all you lovely followers, I thank you openly for following my blog  and aim to keep the content fresh and consistent for you all this year – Have a Blessed New Year, be safe, be happy and let’s shine!  

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