Happy weekend folks, It’s been a while since I’ve written about my all time favourite skincare products alas #Kbeauty I’m sure by now in some way, you must have heard about it? Truthfully It’s beyond me how these products are not already on the shelves of our UK stores? I wish that I could bring them all here for everyone to try, then see the magic happen yourselves!

My journey with K-Beauty started from reading a book! Have you heard about Charlotte Cho? She’s the founder of #Sokoglam a USA based company with carefully selected skincare products from various #K-Beauty brands. She also curates amazing products working in partnership with top brands from S.Korea like #COSRX & brings them to the West, she’s a hero! I discovered her book the little book of skincare on #Amazon about a year ago. During this time my skin was at an all time low! Feeling fed up with spending heaps on endless products, providing no lasting improvements & sometimes only to make matters worse! I found her book & it literally changed everything!


From reading the book I found myself fascinated by the S.Korean beauty culture. They’re born ready for skincare! Through being taught by older generations quite early on in life, it’s learned the importance of looking after your skin. As well as an awareness on healthy & balanced lifestyles thus effectively looking after skin, from the inside out. Reading this changed my perception & approach to skincare & routines, as well as introducing a whole new world of products totally unheard of before! On top of all this, I also realised how much S.Korea influences Western Beauty products too. With such innovative methods & revolutionary ingredients constantly being discovered, the rest of the world watches & slowly follows suite. BB creams & sheet masks for example have long been used in S.K, way before we had them.


This method really had to be put to the test! But do be warned, It’s so easy to go a bit crazy at first in wanting to try it all! With so many different types of products, treatments & steps to consider! Where to begin? I’d heard about the famous ’10 steps’, but soon learned for myself just how effective K-Beauty products are! Highly potent & effective, with many active ingredients. It was exciting! Like tapping into some kind of secret super-power! How could I not share this information with anyone who would be willing to listen? Initially I perhaps delved in too much head first! Generally, it’s probably a good idea to integrate one/two products per time! Makes it’s much easier to see which ingredients are working best with our skin types. The whole idea is to look at the skin, by its type (Oily, combination etc). Then create a tailored routine to feed it all the right nutrients.

My routine would be a little like this: Always remove make up! Double cleanse, exfoliate (twice a week chemically or with mild scrubs, this step alone has really cleared my congested skin). Toner, treatment products for specific areas such as dark patches, breakouts etc. Hydrate with layers of products like (essence + ampules or serum & moisturiser). Finishing with a good SPF, yes even in the winter! And of course a beloved sheet mask, couple of times per week for ultimate hydration! You can check my earlier post here Have you heard about K-beauty? Does the thought of a Ten Step routine feel slightly intimidating? Perhaps you’ve heard South Korean products are ten years ahead than the West? One way or another it caught my attention. 

It’s now been over a year using a routine made up of around 85% #kbeauty & this is possibly the best skin I’ve had in my life since childhood! I wouldn’t say perfect or anything, but the improvements are massive! On top of this eating a balanced diet with exercise etc. also contributes to healthy skin. But there is no doubt for me that these products are effective. Just look at Korean women for yourselves and most likely you’ll see beautifully smooth looking dewy, glowing skin? Are they super human? Is it genetic? No, I don’t think so, they just know what to do, when & how to do it.

So there you have it, how I stumbled upon K-beauty! That little book did literally change everything! Do you have your favourites? Struggle to find them here in the UK? Or perhaps the notion seems totally fad like for you? I think, as with all things you have to try before you knock it right? Perhaps maybe you too will be fascinated!

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    • Rowi's Box says:

      Thank you ❤ Me too! Honestly discovering these products has changed everything. I love that you are not restricted to age or specific concern. This routine allows you to be able to mix and truly customise for skin type. Absolutely love it and agreed, this skin is oil oil oil! So, choosing the right mix can be a really painful process 🙂


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