• #Gratitude 30 Day challenge? Are you Game? #appreciation

    #Gratitude 30 Day challenge? Are you Game? #appreciation

    Gratitude lists are a wonderful thing! Do you observe how each year seems to pass that little bit faster? But yet, when it does come to the end of the year, is it me or, Do you feel the magic too? We seem to reflect a bit more? Take note of the little things & generally think about each other in greater detail than usual? Hopefully you had some free time to relax & enjoy it all too?

    Have you heard off, or ever considered writing a gratitude list?

    I know, this can seem a strange & airy notion? Yet, should you do it for a while really there can be quite a profound shift in perspective! There’s much beauty & wonder in world we live in right? By taking just a few minutes out, each day to sit in quiet reflection & feel appreciation for these simple things, I observe that it has quite a powerful impact.

    30 day gratitude challenge are you up for it? This seemed an interesting and positive idea so, I committed myself to the task, are you with me?!

    Every day, for 30 days the idea is to write down a gratitude list AM/PM; ideally before the day truly starts & before bed time (when the mind is winding down). Start by writing (paper or digitally). Covering 3 – 5 things we are grateful for. E.G. This can be something as small as the fact that the sky is blue! Or that we have a roof over our heads, where so many don’t! Whatever makes that list, we must make sure that we genuinely feel appreciation & gratitude for these things. As well as thinking about why? Once complete read over each item and say out loud thank you, three times!



     Timing is important, I’m learning by doing the gratitude list first & last thing each day is that a re-setting of the mind! I find,  my general perspective shifts to the more optimistic. As a result, it’s almost as if the world around strangely is opening up and receiving me in a different way?

    As an example! Just the other morning on my commute (usually not a source of joy!). Despite the jam packed carriage, over crowded scenario even in that moment I had experienced simple & genuine kindness from others, to make it all that bit more bearable!

    This actually threw me off a bit! As usually, this never happens! Was it as a result of me perceiving the situation in a different light? Alas, there’s another point for the gratitude list that night! It’s all about taking note of the little things! There truly are so many, we can and really should be grateful for! However, sometimes we just need a bit of a pause to re-open our eyes a bit, and stop to fully appreciate it all!

    When we do, it’s amazing!… I can’t even fully explain this so you will have to trust me by trying & then feeling this one for yourselves! 


     Every day for the next 30 days will you try writing a gratitude list AM / PM with me? From my experience… I find myself less likely to react to the trivial dramas that crop up daily! My perspective is shifting itself to a different angle that that finds me joy, rather than annoyance!” Why waste our energy on the negative when there’s just so many things to be grateful for? I conclude, bad things will always happen yet regardless! It’s how we respond that gives the moment power? I find in many ways most things in life are simply a matter of perspective! Signing out! 🙂 


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