Korean skincare products (K-beauty) As you are by now, aware! Have radically stepped up my skincare game! Why? I guess it all boils down to the potency & sometimes unusual ingredients used to create the products. This also applies to innovative methods of production like steaming, fermentation etc. There’s a lot to take in and at times choosing the right products for my skin type can be a bit overwhelming but, from experimentation & research I’ve acquired a few staple products that will always be a part of my skincare routine! (unless they stop making them).  



    CLEANSER; Cosrx; Foaming, facial cleanser

    ‘’Good Morning, P.H Balancing gentle cleanser’’ Used both morning & evening. By night i’d start with a cleansing oil first!

    What makes it an essential? The light, gel like consistency is what I like & It foams up so easily, a little product really is enough.

    My skin type is oily-combination & I tend to find it all too easy for the pores to block which triggers breakouts and skin congestion!

    Prevention is the cure! This cleanser is super gentle (would suite sensitive skin types), rolls on, washes off taking away all traces of dirt, remaining oil etc. boom, gone!

    The best bit is the after feeling, balanced, not stripped &comfortable. It’s a safe bet & my skin likes it;

    you will also appreciate its price point at around £7.00! 


    I absolutely love this product! Not seen this one before?It’s a chemical exfoliating pad! Okay, that sounds a bit scary? But chemically in the right way! This is a double sided cotton gauze pad drenched in power house chemical exfoliants in an easy to use application. One side of the pad textured, the other smooth & nourishing.



    The key ingredients ‘’patented PHA (polyhydroxy acids) PHA’s have been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin & provide additional humectant (moisturizing) properties & can enhance the skins barrier function, PHAs possess antioxidant properties too’’

    By using these pads 2 X per week, the results are visible! If your skin is congested like mine, prone to acne or just looking a bit dull? Exfoliation is the best step to include!


    The textured side of these pads is for the exfoliation, slip your finger into the little slot and gently work all over the face & neck, focusing on the troubled areas too. You can almost feel bits of dead skin coming off, lovely! When finished, flip your fingers around and use the smoother side, wipe over the face/neck & then rinse.This product has been a saviour, you can see after each use how deeply cleansed the skin appears but, when used regularly, my skin is smoothing out! The under-skin pimples diminishing it’s actually amazing! This one is staying for the long haul!  


    ‘’Triple C- (Vitamin C) Serum curated by Charlotte Cho & COSRX 20.5% Vitamin C content! The strongest content of Vitamin C (Derived from ascorbic acid) available on the market! I must admit at first, I was afraid of it! Being new to acids! I wasn’t entirely sure how to use it! Nervous too that it would freak my skin out and break me out!



    And, that’s exactly what happened! There’s a lesson to be learned here! I went straight in and tapped all over! Warning! This product is powerful! Amazing, but approach with caution! Especially if you’ve never used an acid based product before!

    Moving forwards; this has proved to be one of the most powerful products I own! Being so effective & the only product to fade acne marks & hyper-pigmentation (dark skin patches). Relatively fast too (I’ve tried many!).

    My skin, sensitive & this product so strong! The best way to use this is by dropping 1+1/2 drops on to a dab of moisturiser, then patting over my face.

    I’ve been using this for a while now so it’s safe to apply directly to the skin or troubles areas I notice each time, the next day upon waking how much brighter my skin looks!

    I say ‘when I wake up’ because… Vitamin C, or any ‘acid’ product can leave the skin more susceptible to the suns UV rays! So, please, please don’t forget your SPF the next day! This one is best kept for the evenings!


    The only drawback with the key ingredient being Vitamin C in such high % is that it does have a relatively short life span, before starting to oxidise. When it does, it turns an orange colour (starting off clear) As this happens it can loose its initial potency.

    Perhaps as my skin is sensitive, even with the oxidation I notice a tingling sensation on my skin! The product is still doing an excellent job, perhaps not as strong like when it was fresh. If considering purchasing this product as a heads up; I’d store it in the fridge to try to preserve it that little bit longer.

    There you have my three key K-Beauty products, each one serves a vital role in keeping my pores clear and skin smoother and more even. What’s your skin type like? Any questions hit me a comment in the box below


    In this post there is one affiliate link and the rest are just to show you where I purchase my products from 😉 As always all opinions are my own and all information is based upon my own experiments and experiences. 

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      01/25/2018 / 3:14 AM

      I’m trying to get more K beauty products in my skincare routine. I’m a huge sheet mask lover!
      Amazing post – you’ve given me so many ideas x

    2. areadingcat
      01/25/2018 / 9:23 AM

      first time hearing about this brand but these products sound truly amazing! all these ingredients, so interesting! will have to see if I can buy these anywhere here! thanks! x

      • 01/25/2018 / 11:09 AM

        Thank you 🙂 i cant believe we don’t have them all here yet! I feel it’s coming though little by little. You can check out look fantastic they have a small selection and the face wash I use is there (they usually have discount codes too) 😉 I generally use eBay! Was a bit hard in the beginning but I find the USA have heaps so if your unsure of ingredients etc. Can check sites like soko glam.com first. 🙂 I hope this helps, I highly recommend they are so amazing I want to share it with the world. Xx

    3. 03/03/2018 / 7:01 PM

      I have never heard of this brand before and am intrigued to try it out. Your photos are absolutely stunning and are such amazing quality.

      • 03/05/2018 / 5:02 PM

        Korean skincare is not that easy to find however i have a few trusted sellers on Ebay and Wish trend – I’d be happy to point you in the right direction if you have any questions, it can be really confusing in the beginning then super addictive as the quality of these products in my opinion are amazing! Thank you so much for your beautiful words, that’s made my day – Thank you 🙂 xxxx

        • 03/05/2018 / 5:04 PM

          You are more than welcome. I’d love to know what you have to recommend. Xxx

          • 03/05/2018 / 5:24 PM

            🙂 How would you best describe your skin type? And if you would choose only one or two new products, what would you like them to target? For me I have a dark patches around my eye! (Hyperpigmentation) and breakouts so oily! So, my main focus when looking for products is on ingredients or claims that can help that. Let me know how you would best describe your main concerns or skin types and I can send you some ideas? Although I’m not a professional but I truly believe in Korean products. They won’t work miricles but I believe they definitely improve things much better than anything else I had every tried before. And I am not paid to say that! 🙂 ❤ Xxxx

            • 03/05/2018 / 5:31 PM

              OK thanks so much😊. I would say my skin type is pretty dry and around my eye area is quite oily. I tend to have a few breakouts and quite dark under eyes. Thank you so much for your help. X ❤️😊

    4. 03/06/2018 / 4:51 PM

      You are welcome 🙂

      For dry skin i think Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to look for: Reason being it’s called a Humectant (Helps the skin retain the moisture)

      I use a great cream by a SK brand called: COSRX – Hyaluronic Intensive soothing Cream, this is amazing soi hydrating as a last step or night cream – You can check my shopping page i have links for some eBay sellers trusted (2-3 weeks to the UK – no tax or shipping cost so far). Or Lookfantastic.com yet, the cost is a bit more than E bay – Yet quicker delivery so kinda is okay sometimes 🙂

      For Dark Circles and Breakouts this is a never ending saga for me too! but, the best ingredient for skin brightness i find is Vitamin C like the serum on this post (Klairs also have a great one). This is the best for fading marks to the best it can. Also regular exfoliation and the Neogen pads in this post, i can’t live without! 2 X a week – PERFECT! 🙂

      i Hope this helps you out xxxx

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