Today let’s talk cosmetics! When it comes to make up, I tend to stick to what I know works for me, generally preferring the more natural look. Yet, it is true that I’m always with an eye open for something better! Be it, a lighter foundation or a less pore clogging coverage etc. With my skin tone being warm, I can find choosing the right colour match a bit of a challenge sometimes! Feel the same?


    Back in the day there weren’t any Boots style stores, that would ever of had a concealer that would work nicely with my skins undertones!

    I learned that the big brands, especially MAC & Bare Minerals offer a much broader colour palette than a typical pharmacy style store. These products also generally come with stronger colour pigments so, I find that they provide a longer lasting, stronger & more effective coverage. With shades suitable for pretty much everyone’s skin tone? The only real drawback being that the big players sadly, are not always the most cost effective options ££! And, always seem to run out at the same time! #conspiracy !

    You can imagine my joy in discovering a budget friendly alternative that blends in with my skins tone!

    If you had to choose only one cosmetic product, what would it be and why? For me hands down, Concealer! Why? I think, due to my dark patches! As you may know? I have an area of hyper-pigmentation under my eye & a second patch to the side of my temple! One looks like a bad dark circle, the other a bruise! As much as this is improving with carefully selected skin-care products & SPF daily (Factor 50)! The fact is, my skin is uneven as a result & I feel very aware of this! So, Concealer is the one product I simply cannot be without!


    Now, I guess there’s no one solution for all, I read totally mixed reviews on this product before purchasing! Some love it, whereas others really don’t! For me, it’s not perfect and I do acknowledge this, but at the same time, I am happy for finding it! At only £7.00 from Boots, I figured why not! From using MAC (Studio Fix) Since 2004! At £16.00 WOW! I mean come on, if NYX works and is less than half the price? It has to be tried out? At least even, once right?



    PLUSES: This ‘Dark Circle Concealer’ product comes in a tub style pot with a screw top lid, which is great! No air, bits or pesky pieces can get inside! I like that! In terms of Colour selection! There are heaps to choose from which I think is amazing! From pale,  to medium to dark shades I can’t say for sure but, it would seem there’s a shade for most skin tones here? This matches mine pretty well and does cover my dark circles! The price point is excellent & to my knowledge, there aren’t many other brands of this level that offer such a broad selection of shades (I hear Make-up Revolution are good too). I also like that this doesn’t set into the fine lines on my under eye area, which did happen with my Mac!

    STAYING POWER: In terms of staying power for the day, if it’s not too warm an environment, I find this this does stay on pretty much all day. However, I must set it with a translucent finishing powder, otherwise I doubt that it would last even a few hours! If worn though into a night out let’s say, I find that it does need to be touched up here and there to maintain that sharp look, which for me, is a bit annoying if honest! I like  a concealer to be strong enough to only need to apply it once per day! Then, to be able to relax, without worry of those pesky dark patches rising to the surface!

    From being loyal to MAC for over ten years! This is the first time I’ve even considered anything else! The texture is thinner in comparison and perhaps a bit creamier. I find it relatively easy to apply to the under-eye area (with my fingers, or a concealer brush) and it does cover my darker patches & circles, for a time.


    MINUSES: The main drawback with this product for me is that, the pigments are not as strong & and that I need to use a fair amount of product in order to provide a decent level of coverage. Another would be staying power & needing to re-apply often on evenings out. Lastly, which to a degree has happened with every concealer product I have so far tried! Is, the cursed eye lid creasing! Even with primer & powder to set this still creases! But, perhaps this is down to my oily skin type or something?

    Overall: Honestly, this was an experimental purchase! Mainly for the simple fact that it is so cost effective! Catching my eye in December! Need I say more? Any saving I could grab in December and I was on it! This is not an inferior product & overall I think it’s pretty good. As I mentioned above, I am aware of the fact that it is not perfect yet, I am okay with that.

    My requirements are trickier than most, honestly, I think I need something a bit heavier due to my darker areas & perhaps with my skin being an oilier type, this very well could be the reason why this seems to glide off a bit, on a night out? Yet, for this price point I don’t think it would be fair to complain to be honest! As, it does its job, it just doesn’t exceed it! For day time use it’s good enough and the fact that there are so many shades available at such a great price means that it’s pretty much accessible for all to try without breaking the bank so, I must give credit where it’s due here.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts? Have you tried any concealers my NYX? How do you like them? Any QUESTIONS? Hit LIKE below & let me know! We are all different, so it would be interesting to hear your opinions too.


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