It’s that time of the month again! Unboxing Look Fantastic’s beauty box and all wrapped up in a Valentines day theme, I wouldn’t have expected anything less! This month’s hidden words of wisdom within the lid of this beauty box…‘’Meraki (May-rah-kee) Doing something with soul, creativity or love’’

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    Perhaps you’ve seen my Instagram feed? Giving a little taster of what’s inside this  you already know? Either way, I’ve kept you hanging for long enough so it’s time to put that curiosity to bed! Let’s jump to the contents, shall we?


    I hadn’t come across this product before? Yet am familiar with the concept of multipurpose balms (think Elizabeth Arden eight-hour etc). It’s a bit of an all-round soothing balm suitable for multiple areas.’With naturally fermented Paw Paw’’

    This is perfect as a lip balm, nail or cuticle softener being rich in texture and deeply hydrating. Recommended use even suggests as a make up or eye primer? Hmmm! For me that would never work having an oily skin type!

    Size wise; I like that this is perfect for travelling about with and how it so easily drops into the hand bag! My hands get really dry in certain places! Ever had those moments when you just need a little hydration? This is perfect for that!

    From using this all month, best use is as lip balm, elbows after showering and for selected dry areas.on my hands. For dry skin types? And if prone to those pesky random flaky patches especially in these cold months! I think this could be a great solution? Tapping a small amount wont ruin your make up & provide a quick re-hydration. 

    I like this product and would definitely consider repurchasing (RRP £ 6.95 for 25 ml). I find that’s acceptable.

    TRIFLE COSMETICS (Sublime Lip scrub in Sugar Pear)

    Mmmmh! This lip scrub smells so good you may wanna eat it! Formulated with Cacao butter, Sweet Almond & Peach seed oil. A Gentle exfoliator for the lips, it even tastes like toffee! Yep, accidentally ate a bit! 

    This is incredibly gentle, hydrating and nourishing for the lips – pucker up! Perfect for use before lipstick for a smooth surface or, twice per week as a treatment. Another one that I would consider re-purchasing.


    CAUDALIE (Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum 10 ML)

    Now, here’s a French brand I very much like for their gentle, yet effective approach to skin care. I’ve been keen to try this one out for a while now being suitable for dry & sensitive skin types.

    This serum claims to ’diffuse water & restore the moisture balance to the skin, leaving it soft and supple’’ (Tip; also makes a good primer). This is a light texture but still hydrating & works well with my sensitive skin type.

    Moisturiser & my make up sits well on top of this product and I notice how my skin feels comfortable, a little goes a long way! You wouldn’t want to overdo it I’d feel that my pores could clog should I apply too much.

    It’s hard to give a detailed review as I’ve not used this for long enough to truly say, but from this sample size so far I like it. Perhaps because of my K-beauty addiction! Not many products stand as effective and often cost a lot more too! But, in saying that I did purchase the Vinoperfect radiance serum (you can check out my full review here …..)

    Initially, I wasn’t overly impressed but, as time went on and I integrated it into a routine, it found it had a place. We all have such different skin types, generally Caudalie products have solid reviews online & are made up with effective formulations so, this SOS serum could really work nicely for you.


    A treatment product; leave on, wash off hydration mask or, as an overnight treatment (this is how I use it). Apply a generous amount all over the face & either leave on for 30 mins and wash off with a cotton pad. For a more intense treatment leave on overnight and cleanse off in the morning.

    This is formulated with Rhamnose Polysaccharide! Yep I’d never heard of that either! & NCTF which is an ‘anti-ageing complex’ apparently used in non-surgical procedures! Sounds a bit frightening doesn’t it! This little sample gives a pretty potent punch! I must admit that my skin has been particularly troubled over the last few weeks, from the first time I used this, I distinctively noticed a difference the next day with calmer and less irritated appearing skin. BEAUTY BOX


    I think it’s safe to say that most people who are into skincare would have heard of Elemis at some point or another? This a professional salon brand that I’ve seen used in many spa type environments? This must be a good indicator as to the quality of the products? Not having tried them before I was excited to receive this ‘best-selling’ moisturiser when unboxing this months beauty box.

    ’Suitable for all skin types, designed to increase hydration & help improve the appearance of fine lines, for best results use post serum stages’’  light weight yet fully hydrating and non-sticky feeling with claims of reducing the appearance of wrinkles in 14 days with consistent use – let’s see! I didn’t notice anything totally game changing but as with most things, it takes time to see full results.



    Shimmer time! A good beauty box is a mix of skincare, cosmetic and accessories! Here we have a highlighting product in a neat little roll on applicator package making this super easy to apply. My skin tone is warm and this works well, In fact this type of shade should more or less suit everyone’s skin tone, when blended in.

    This is a real multi-tasker literally with so many uses! Over the eyelids for extra shimmer, cheek or collar bones as a highlighter, under the brows for extra definition etc.

    The size is good for taking around with you & due to only needing small amounts of the product it should last a fair amount of time too.


    So there you have the contents of this month’s Look Fantastic February;s Beauty Box #unboxed! Overall I’m happy with this months content even if (again) no full sized product! Still, the nature of the products such as the like the lip balm, scrub and highlighter will last relatively well

    The skincare items are both products that I’m happy to sample out being more high end on the market £££! In the past I’ve splurged, only to be disappointed in discovering they are not quite right for my skin type so beauty boxes are the perfect way to avoid this kind of repeat!

    Have you tried this too? What were your impressions? Did you love it? Or perhaps disappointment with the content? Let me know your thoughts, it’s always great to her other perspectives and how products work with our individual skint types & preferences Thank you for reading & enjoy the rest of your day beauties <3





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