Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream for Sensitive Skin prone to Irritation or sensitivities? This Midnight Blue Calming Cream has been specially formulated to be both soothing & non-irritating. The formula claims suitable for calming even extremely sensitive skin types too. 

    Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream


     A South Korean skincare band I really like for using gentle & effective ingredients especially suited for sensitive skin types as per the Midnight Blue Calming Cream. With perhaps more well known products like the highly rated ‘Freshly Juiced 5% Vitamin C Serum’ Full post here! I’m delighted to sample out this Midnight Blue calming cream which was very kindly gifted by the lovely people at Wish Trend A South Korean online retailer with a great selection of Klairs products and other brands.

    Midnight Blue Calming Cream – This review is based upon my sampling & initial thoughts so far

    To give you a steer; my skin is really sensitive & has been going through a bit of a purging stage or something similar? I think maybe response to a Sulphur Soap & Treatment I’m also using to treat breakouts!

    This ‘Midnight Blue Calming Cream’ strongly appealed to me. As it has positive reviews and I’d noticed for a while the ingredient ‘Centella’ trending everywhere promoting its skin soothing & calming abilities sounding perfect for skin as sensitive as mine! My skin being incredibly changeable! One day almost smooth and then two days later, the roller-coaster starts again!

    Any product from a trusted brand with claims of skin soothing, calming, rapidly responding to irritation and inflation etc? … Let’s go!



    • Intensive Soothing Cream, Non-Irritating and Easy Absorption
    • Protect, Soothe and Regulate irritated or stressed skin (Heat & Sebum)
    • After-Sun Treatment – Suits All Skin Types – Inc. Extremely Sensitive & sensitive skin
    • Treatment product ‘Calming NOT Moisturising – applied as treatment on targeted areas not a hydrating moisturiser
    • Effective in Calming Inflammation & Damaged Skin Tissue – Regeneration of Skin Cells
    • Post shaving (Male) – Night-Time (recommended) – 30 ML


    GUZAIAZULENE; Is what gives the cream it’s Blue colour. A plant-based component extracted from Chamomile Oil. Naturally Violet in colour, once blended gradually turns cream into this gentle shade of blue.

    CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT; A plant native to Madagascar also known as ‘Tiger Grass’ Helps damaged skin regenerate & prevent scaring



    I’ve been using this in the evenings, usually on top of my night cream as the last step. Applying on targeted areas effected by breakouts, redness, excessive oil production or general irritation. It works by creating a thin protective layer on the skins surface and therefore why night time use is suggested. To prevent make up from getting inside & breaking that protective layer.

    Being a targeted treatment this is not an overly hydrating cream, if you’re looking for a rich and deeply hydrating moisturiser? This isn’t for you. My skin being oily & irritation prone allows me to get away with using this when needed (almost all over my face). Without overly drying the skin. It sinks in well & Initially after application I can feel a tingling sensation, not uncomfortable but as if something healing is happening!

    Midnight Blue Calming Cream


    So far, so good I’m with only good things to say as my skin looks and feels in a much better balance than it did a few weeks ago. I struggle with oil, shine & hot flashes! As a result my skin gets agitated, clogged and the moisture barrier all messed up! I find, that this cream does live up to its soothing claims with a gel like consistency for me easily absorbs in to the skin and helps keep the chaos under control!

    Since using this ‘Blue Cream’ I particularly notice how my oil levels seem much more controlled and far less greasy. The cream is working well for me & doesn’t disturb any of my other products.

    Neutral smelling, not overly perfumed which I think is always nice? Also, with a spatula for dispensing allowing an effortless application whilst minimising product waste. The box lists full ingredients in English which is great too!

    I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading. If you’ve tried this cream too? I’d love to hear your thoughts and how it works for you? We all have such different requirements so, it’s always really interesting to hear or see others experiences too.


    Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

    Disclaimer: There are affiliate links within this post and the product was gifted for sampling purposes. Please know that in no way at all would this influence my review of the product which was chosen by myself and recommended for my specific sensitive skin type

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