15356722_10154073897637727_2391251957334644849_nThank you so much for stopping by & welcome to my recently created blog page >¬†Rowi’s Box

I’d often thought about trying my hand at blogging, It’s great fun, interactive and a great creative outlet, yet, I am pretty new to all of this so, am really hoping that I’ll manage to engage you, with interesting and consistent content ūüôā

What pushed me to start the page?

I’d always been interested in skin and effective skincare yet despite,¬†I didn’t fully appreciate how lucky I had it really, it wasn’t until exactly two years ago! Aged 32 years, my skin had an allergic reaction which effected the whole face! It triggered a full on cystic acne, rash like outbreak¬†lasting around 1 X Year! So many of us have¬†some kind of skin issue! Sometimes, with our busy lifestyles can come bad diet choices purely from lack of time? Lack of sleep, or even incorrectly cleansing etc. It can all take it’s toll on our skin! Yet, I’d never really thought about it so much before!

Embarking on a personal mission! To find products & methods that would¬†help my skin, not strip it out! Actually sooth it, repair and help banish¬†the issue from the root! To my surprise and even joy! I have found some really awesome products! Innovative ingredients/methods of doing what we do, just a bit different and even some home-made Organic options too! ūüôā

I’ve learned a lot from this process¬†and slowly but surly I would love to share all of this information with you, hoping some of my experiments! Reviews or concoctions may help you out too¬†‚ô•


Everything shared on here is based on my own personal experiences. I am not a skin care professional, despite having worked closely to many and gained a lot of product training over the years, back when I worked in Mayfair Hair & Beauty salons in London. My tips and tricks are only from what I have personally found effective. Should any ingredient or method I may have tried flag up to you, please check carefully before trying for yourself.

I do have a Look Fantastic affiliate links on my page, but in no way does this influence my content or opinions on any products. All reviews are my own honest and unbiased opinions. Any other links you will see is only as a guide as to where I personally purchase my own products.