Beauty Essentials! When it comes to shopping for new or unknown skincare, it can be often be a bit daunting? Especially in the beginning when I was first K-Beauty shopping! Are these sellers, websites trustworthy, are the products genuine etc. etc. ? With SO many unfamiliar products, ingredients and skincare routine steps? Where to begin?


Let me help you! For K-Beauty shopping, I use now trusted stores on Ebay, Wish Trend & Soko Glam. With K-Beauty on the rise, I notice now even the big international brands have now started to introduce some brands like Neogen, Cosrx, RE:P and Tony Moly. Retailers such as Selfridges, House of Frasier & Look Fantastic are a few that I’ve noticed. Pretty huge right? 

EBAY:  For K-Beauty I go straight to the source! General lead time for products from South Korea to me in the UK takes on average of two weeks time from order placement, Ebay is my top pick as it’s reliable, I can find a good variety of products / brands for most of my requirements. Another bonus is that there is generally NO shipping cost, even for small orders which is AMAZING! TRUSTED EBAY STORES:








Wish trend is another seller based in South Korea. The products are not really with the same volume of brands compared to ebay however, they have heaps of Klairs which is a leading and effective South Korean name. There are also Wish Trend exclusives and pre made boxes that can come down in cost & work out quite cost effective. Drawbacks would be that the shipping is only free on orders over $65. Lead time is about the same as Ebay and that for me is about two weeks which can vary slightly sometimes. 








LOOK FANTASTIC Not just for K-Beauty! I’ve become quite loyal to Look Fantastic over the last year or so. I like that there are heaps of brands to chose from including the big names and players like Elemis & Lancom to the smaller even K-Beauty brands like Cosrx. Delivery is minimal or free over £15 or so. The bonus is that there is usually a 15%-20% discount code easily available and regular price knock downs so, I always feel i find a bargain. Lead time is under a week for orders placed in the UK








I love Soko Glam & Charlotte Cho; this was literally my first K-Beauty stop and to this day remains a place where I enjoy reading up on & learning valuable information on skincare! With ingredient spotlights, how to use and apply products, their own blog and You tube channels.

I especially love how each product is carefully selected, often also with EXCLUSIVES collaborations; Founder Charlotte Cho with brands like Cosrx with the Triple C Lightening Liquid. The only downside (for me) is that it ships from the USA & every time on top of the shipping fees (international rate). I’ve also needed to pay taxes to release the products upon arrival to the UK! As a result, this option hasn’t worked out as the most cost effective one for me. Still, if there is an exclusive I will suck it up as they say!