Skincare & Lifestyle blogHi, I’m Rowena creator of Rowi’s Box… 

I’d often thought about blogging as It seemed interactive and a great creative outlet.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and am interested in anything skin related as weird as that sounds!

From experiencing adult acne in my early thirties got me thinking about how many of us have some kind of skin issues! Lines, acne, dryness, pigmentation etc!

My skincare journey started from neglecting it for too many years!

I never used to wear sun protection cream & soon learned the consequences from developing hyper-pigmentation (dark patches) On my face! Teamed with an epic offset of Adult Acne! I went on a skincare product experimentation frenzy & probably did more damage then healing! That was until I discovered some amazing South Korean Products that pretty much changed it all as well as a real honest look into my lifestyle & dietary choices! This skincare journey pushed me into action & start this skincare & lifestyle blog with the hope of helping some of you too!

I truly believe that the mind, the body & the soul are all connected!

So when it comes to skin, it’s not all about just what we apply to our face, we NEED to also look inside with honest reflection and see if our eating habits, lifestyles, sleep patterns or even stress levels could all be contributing to our current skin issues. 

As a lover of nature, gardening, healthy eating & lifestyle balance & mindfulness being raised a Buddhist way! As well as a love for action & adventure! The content you’ll see may be wonderfully varied,but yet connected to skincare as a lifestyle!

About Me:

Age: currently 35 Years Old

Based: London

Skin Type: Oily, Combination and Acne Prone with dark hyperpigmentation around the eye area


All content is based on my own purchases, experiments with products, food or lifestyle tips that I’m currently using and would personally recommend.

I do however use some affiliate links & skim links within my posts, however please know that by no means does this influence my judgement or the content all posts are based upon my OWN skincare journey.

You do not need to use my links but should you choose to it just helps me maintain this blog as well as develop future posts & projects. 

On that note despite working for 6 years within the hair & beauty industry, of which during that time I did aquire training & learn about the skin which initiated an early interest, I’m not a qualified skin care professional and our bodies react differently so please research any product I recommend that you may be keen to try before purchasing for yourself 

Should a product have been ‘gifted’ for review; you will absolutely know about it and again just to clarify, this would  not influence my opinion of the product. As a blogger it’s a duty to tell you only honest opinions and share ideas that may hopefully help you out too

With Love

Rowena @Rowi’s Box